zenimpact for brands

Powerful AI driven CX predictions based on unprecedented customer insights

The ZenImpact Optimization Studio gives brands deep AI enabled psychographic insights into their customers — allowing them to better understand what motivates them, predict customer preference and drive outcomes that achieve your goals.

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Goal-based optimization
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Grow revenue
  • Reduce churn
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We have a deeper understanding of your customers & prospects

ZenImpact's artificial intelligence helps brands understand what is important to your customers and how they make decisions. Marketers can gain insights to predict customer preference to better tailor experiences to their Audiences' everchanging expectations.

  • AI/ML Driven
  • Insights with
    Emotional Intelligence
  • Saas/No-Code
  • Privacy and Brand Safe
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Get results quickly with goal-based experience optimization

The ZenCore psychographic model marries mindset and behavior in order to enable superior goal-based CX optimization for brands. Reach results quickly with goal-driven, meaningful metrics and KPIs – so your experiences are optimized toward to the outcomes you want to achieve.

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Leveraging the power of the zeninsight Knowledge Graph

With ZenInsight, our ZenVision predictions can capitalize on the strength of a continuously evolving and improving network of knowledge, so they can make connections with existing and prospective customers, enrich sparse profiles, and build deeper relationships.