Accelerate your CX with
marketing predictions powered
by AI and emotional intelligence.

Zenapse is creating a revolution in customer experience driven by psychographics and sentiment. We understand consumers like no other SaaS platform. Our unique Large Emotion Model (LEM) Knowledge Graph informs predictions to increase revenue and improve profitability by optimizing UX, CX, message, offers and promotions – so marketers can provide the best experience tailored to each visitor.

Find out how emotionally intelligent experiences can help your business.

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Developed by marketing experts Increase conversions & profitability Cloud native, platform independent SaaS solution AI/ML driven continuous learning Outcome focused, goal-based optimizations Predictions for Prospects & Customers Advanced Knowledge Graph technology Unique psychographic insights
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600 + million journeys 140 + million consumers 2+ million interactions per day 600 + million journeys 140 + million consumers 2+ million interactions per day

The world's firstLarge Emotion Model (LEM)

Zenapse delivers ground breaking results. Zenapse's LEM gives marketers and experience owners insights into what really motivates their visitors at an emotional level — unlocking unique opportunities to better connect with their audiences.

Getting started with AI is easy:

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Easy to deploy

Works side-by-side with your existing technology, with just a few lines of code to add.

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Easy to use

Guided goal-based workflows and playbooks for acquisitions, retention and engagement make starting simple.

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Fast results

Comprehensive reporting and predictive AI/ML allow you to do more, faster.

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Powerful insights

Get deep psychographic insights on your audiences to predict consumer preference.

Introducing the zenimpact optimization studio

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zenimpact optimization studio zenimpact optimization studio

ZenImpact Optimization Studio is the powerful central hub that manages optimizations and reports performance improvements.

zenimpact optimization studio
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Powered by zencore

Our proprietary consumer psychographic model marries mindset and lifestyle with behavior to understand consumers. It incorporates attributes beyond mere click data, giving you a deeper understanding of what motivates your customers.

zenimpact optimization studio
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Make connections
with zeninsight

Our unique Knowledge Graph leverages the strength of the network to drive the predictive power of our AI/ML models, continuously evolving and improving with data input and captured interactions, enriching and augmenting sparse profiles.

zenimpact optimization studio
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Leverage powerful predictions
with zenvision

Zenvision artificial intelligence powers the insights and recommendations allow marketers to laser focus on the experiences, messages and offers that work for their audiences, and gives them the emotional intelligence they need to drive conversions.

zenimpact optimization studio zenimpact optimization studio
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Achieve results with
goal-driven work flows

Set KPIs and measure meaningful metrics to optimize towards the outcomes you want to achieve.

  • Engagement
  • Transactions
  • Registrations
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • Win Back