the zenapse platform

Zenapse features a SaaS platform designed to give marketers powerful optimization tools supercharged by an unprecedented networked knowledge graph that continuously improves the predictive power of AI/ML models.


API Driven CX Optimization Studio

At the core of our platform, it orchestrates all aspects of goal based optimization. The central hub to manage optimizations and report on performance improvements.


Apps, Widgets & Websites

Syndicated widgets and web experiences on our customers’ websites and applications. Insights and behaviors are captured, mapped to our psychographic model and stored in our Knowledge Graph.


Knowledge Graph & Data

Gathers data about sentiment, beliefs, aspirations, and actions to power our CX optimization predictions.


AI/ML & Predictive CX Optimization

The models and AI Algorithms that power insight and recommendations accessed via the ZenImpact and ZenInsight platforms.



The proprietary identifier for a consumer, their psychographic profile and observed activities.

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CX optimization
is critical to
business success

With conversion rate improvement of 25% across just two steps in your goal based funnel, the zenimpact optimization studio can yield a 70% improvement in goal-based conversions.

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